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Manufacturing Work-in-Process

In a typical manufacturing process, control over costs and productivity rely on effective measurement systems. Work-in-Process Systems provide these measurements. Specific capabilities of these systems include, labor and materials usage, location and status information, tractability of labor and materials. Labeling and Direct Part Marking Technologies provide the means to identify these parts and/or jobs as they move through the process. Scanning hardware equipment automates the process of recording information into the company's existing system or an external database.

See the following sections below for more information:

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Getting Started
  1. Read the information below to make sure this type of system meets your needs.
  2. Determine what budget amount you can afford to spend.
  3. Contact us to help. We can tell you about our proven five step process so you make the best decision get it done right the first time!
Five Step Process:
Analyze: Acquire: Install: Train: Evaluate

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How They Work

Manufacturing Work-in-Process Systems focus on productivity and efficiency

Item Starts: Update tracking database with job or item number showing when the process begins.

Mark/Label Item: Mark or label job ticket or items directly.

Item Progresses: At each step of the process, scan the marking or label on the job or item to update the database. Other information such as time/date stamp, location, employee, etc entered as well.

Ship/Store Item: Update the database to indicate that the process has ended and add to inventory.

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System Components Estimated Costs
Database Software
Labeling Software
Customized System
(customized database, rugged portable and fixed position devices, implementation support available)
Handheld Scanners
Portable Data Collection

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Examples Key Features
  • Manufacturing
  • Automated Distribution
  • Catalog Fulfillment

  • Barcode Scanning Compatibility (including wireless scanning)
  • Item/Job Search & View
  • Transaction History with Date/Time Stamp
  • Import/Export Data
  • Predefined Reports

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